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Return Policy

The sale, purchase and use of products available on this site shall be subject to the terms and conditions of employment and service.

  • • The store may, in some cases, choose to accept, refuse or cancel your order, for example, if the product you wish to purchase is unavailable, if the product is incorrectly priced or if the order is found to be fraudulent. The website will return what you paid for orders that were not accepted or cancelled on time.

  • • All contents on a website, including writings, designs, drawings, logos, icons, images, interfaces, symbols, programs and trademarks, are owned exclusively by the store and subject to copyright protection.

  • • When buying or sending an email, then you agree to receive any e-mails or any notifications regarding the request.

  • • The store reserves the right to make any modifications or changes to its location, associated policies and conventions, including the privacy policy as well as the document of the terms and conditions of service, replacement and recovery requirements at any time

Return policy:

Dear client, you can return the products in just 15 days only from the receipt of the product or goods, provided that the product is in the same condition as you received it (unused, with the same packaging, full stickers, and accessories), as the product will be inspected and checked by MASDAR team work, notifies you of the acceptance of your request and returns money to your account in two working weeks.

Cancelation policy:

Dear client, you can cancel the order before receiving it by contacting customer service or submitting a request through the online store. Please note that if the order is out for delivery, you must contact customer service to cancel the order, and the amount will be returned immediately upon receipt of the product by the warehouse team.

Replacement policy:

Dear client, you can replace the product within 15 days of the date of receipt of the order. Please bring the origin bill provided that the product is in the same condition as you received it (unused, with the same packaging, full stickers and accessories).


  • • The replacement and return policy is implemented by coordinating with the client's account manager and fees will be deducted by the account manager.

  • • Special requests ask the client to open a ticket to be followed up by the account manager and MASDAR management.

For cases where products are not returned

There are a number of specific cases where the product cannot be returned due to verification as follows:

  • • Upon submission of the return request after the specified time, which is 15 days from the receipt date for the products.

  • • When the product is used, when it is damaged, when it is not in the same state as you received it or when the safety adhesive is removed from the product.

  • • Consumer products used or installed.

  • • Products whose serial numbers have been tampered with or removed.

  • • Products without price cards, posters, original cover, or lack of any of their accessories


  • • The product is delivered within 7 to 10 working days of the date of the purchase order.

  • • Delivery does not include recharging in case the return is for other reasons (e.g. the client wants to change the product or change his or her mind during the specified return or replacement period).

  • • The customer agrees to deduct the value of the shipment from his bank account without objection in case he cancels the purchase order after shipping the product for whatever reason.

  • • In cases where the product may be returned, the product must be in its original packaging with its entire accessories, the user's manual and the original bill, we do not accept the return of the products scrambled or damaged as a result of misuse or failure due to the wrong or used power. In our assessment we may consider the returned product to not meet the above criteria.

  • • The return or replacement - approved for the terms - is by bringing the product to a branch store in Riyadh.

  • • MASDAR ships from One Warehouse in Saudi Arabia. For orders containing more than one element, we may divide your order into several packages according to inventory levels at our own discretion, and aim to deliver orders within the minimum period. However, sometimes during busy sales periods, deliveries can take longer. Please note that Friday and Saturday are not working days. If you haven't received your delivery in 10 working days, please contact customer service through info@mbm.com.sa

How can I get my money back, if I receive an item that is not in the right shape or is damaged?

If the conditions for returning the item are met, either the item is in damaged condition or not the same as what was selected from the site or the item ordered (wrong size, wrong product, wrong image) or the item shipped is incomplete (missing parts or accessories) or the shipped product is not satisfactory (bad quality) or the product shipped is damaged, not working or defective, the product must be returned within 15 days of receipt by bringing it to a store branch in the account manager city in the same condition in which you received it and in the same original packaging at the time of receipt . As soon as we receive the item, we will check it, and if the conditions for returning the item are met, the price will be returned within two weeks.

When is the store entitled to cancel the order:

  • 1. In the event that the application is not paid when it is due.

  • 2. If bank account data are not properly supplied to the store

  • 3. In the event that the customer fails within the reasonable period of time that we set to provide us with the information required to deliver the products.

  • 4. If the customer does not permit the receipt of the product within a reasonable period of time

Force majeure and emergency circumstances:

In the case of events outside our control, we will not be responsible for any failure or delay to comply with any of the obligations we undertake under a contract when they result from events beyond our reasonable control. Force majeure therefore includes any act, event, failure to exercise, omission or incident beyond our reasonable control, including: Closure or any other form of protest. invasion, terrorist attack, terrorist threat, threat, fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquake, collapse, epidemics or any other natural disaster or inability to use trains, ships, aircraft or other means of transport, public or private, or the disability to use public or private communications systems. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or government restrictions imposed. Strike, failure, shipping, postal transport or any other type of transport accidents. It must be understood that our obligations arising out of contracts are suspended during the period when force majeure or emergency circumstances remain in force and we will be granted an extension of period during which these obligations can be fulfilled in an amount of time equal to the time when the situation is maintained by force majeure. We will provide all reasonable resources to terminate force majeure or emergency circumstances to find a solution that will enable us to fulfill our obligations under the contract despite force majeure or emergency circumstances.